Concrete sidewalk

Finished concrete sidewalk

Mustang Construction can provide new concrete flatwork in any dimension or, whenever possible, repair existing flatwork.



We offer sidewalk installation and repair for homes and businesses. From residential subdivisions to private property paths and custom designed areas, you’ll get the high quality sidewalk designs you need that are built to last.


Create the perfect space to relax outdoors with a patio built by Mustang Construction. We can create any size and shape for homes and businesses so you can enjoy a barbeque or lounging in the sun on a beautifully paved, custom designed concrete patio.

Exposed aggregate

An exposed aggregate finish is created when the top layer of new concrete is washed and brushed away, revealing the colours and textures of the stones just below the surface.

Basement Floors

Our construction professionals install and repair concrete basement floors, useful in laundry rooms, storage areas, or any other basement room. If you need flooring repairs underneath carpeting, we can do that as well, reinstalling the carpet when we’re finished.

Garage Pads

New garage pad ready for wall construction

New garage pad ready for wall construction

Garage pads protect the floor and walls of a garage from excess moisture, erosion, and sinking when the ground shifts. We install them for any sized garage from one to four cars, creating a sturdy base for existing garages and new garages in construction.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding removes the top layer of concrete and is often used to create a long-lasting finish on new sidewalks and driveways, to level uneven concrete surfaces, or to restore sidewalks, driveways, and commercial floors that are showing signs of pitting or flaking. The process exposes the concrete's underlying stones in a smooth finish.

Driveway Restoration

Warehouse floor restoration / Shop Floor Restoration

Smooth surface created by concrete grinding

Smooth surface created by concrete grinding

Close-up of concrete grinding

Close-up of concrete grinding


Scarifying uses high-speed, rotating cutters to aggressively remove problem areas on finished concrete, such as uneven surfaces and pitting.

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